Protect Your Investment


Horse blankets are a costly investment. With professional cleaning, waterproofing, and repair, you can extend the life and serviceability of all your horse's clothing. I’ve been professionally caring for horse-wear since 2008. Trust me to clean, repair, and renew all your horse’s clothing.

Complete Equine Laundry Service


Whether your blanket or sheet needs a thorough cleaning, re-waterproofing, repair, or alteration, I've got you covered. I also clean and repair splint boots, saddle pads, leg wraps, fly masks, “slinkies” and more. Heidi is your source for horse blanket wash and repair.

Pick Up and Delivery


Pick up and delivery service is available all over San Diego County, and is free in Poway! Weekly laundry service is also available for show barns. Simply contact me to make arrangements for pickup.


Pay Your Invoice

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

You may use a major credit card or PayPal account to pay your invoice. Simply click to pay, and follow the prompts.